Board of Directors

Mark Taxel

Chairman of the Board and CEO
President Hayrake Management, Inc.
Former Executive Vice President, Marketing Jos. E. Seagram and Sons.

Tiffany and Linda Taxel

Honorary Co-Chairs*

David Lord

Chief Operating Officer/CFO*
General Manager, Credit Co.

Harmony Knutson

Chief Development and Advocacy Officer*
Former Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Executive

Samantha Silver

Vice President/ Secretary*
Measures for Justice, Chief of Strategy and Operations

Robert Kleeblatt

Foundation Counsel*
Of Counsel Winne Banta Basilian and Kahn, PC

Alex Wolin

Chief Cycling Officer*
Slack, Director of Enterprise Sales

Alex Carey

Target Tech Communications, CEO and Co-Founder

Neil Carty

COSM, Head of Brand and Community

Terri Coppersmith

Executive Director Cooper Union Development

Ben Geyerhan

CEO, Workers Benefits Consortium

Michael Rolnick, MD.

NFEM’s founding CEO/ President

Laurie Scheinman

Entrepreneur and Philanthropist
Director: UJA and Planned Parenthood

Michael Weiner, MD.

Hetttinger Professor and Vice Chair,
Pediatrics Columbia University Irving Medical Center

*Officers, The Jed Ian Taxel Foundation for Rare Cancer Research